Thursday, April 14, 2011

30 Days of Genre: Days 1 & 2

Yeesh, that last post was a downer. My apologies. I will try not to do that again! I thought about taking it down, but decided not to. It points out the frustrations, I guess. You can ignore it. Just me whining. I got over it.

Now, how about something a little more fun? Saw this meme today. Officially this is Day 2, so I will give my picks for both of those:

30 Days of Genre:

Day 1- Very first genre novel

Day 2- Your favorite character

Day 3- A genre novel that is underrated

Day 4- Your guilty pleasure book

Day 5- Character you feel you are most like (or wish you were)

Day 6- Most annoying character

Day 7- Favorite couple in a genre novel

Day 8- Best fan soundtrack

Day 9- Saddest scene in a genre novel

Day 10- Best writing style, or the style that resonates with you most

Day 11- Favorite genre series

Day 12- A genre novel everyone should read

Day 13- A genre novel you’ve read more than five times

Day 14- Favorite book trailer from a genre novel

Day 15- The cover from you current (or most recent) genre novel

Day 16- Genre novel with the most intriguing plot

Day 17- Favorite antagonist

Day 18- Favorite protagonist

Day 19- World/setting you wish you lived in

Day 20- Favorite genre

Day 21- Genre novel with the most interesting character interactions

Day 22- A sequel which disappointed you

Day 23- Genre novel you haven’t read, but wish you had

Day 24- Favorite classic genre novel

Day 25- A genre novel you plan on reading soon

Day 26- Best hero

Day 27- Most epic scene ever

Day 28- Favorite publisher of genre novels

Day 29- A genre novel you thought you wouldn’t like, but ended up loving

Day 30- Your favorite genre novel of all time

So my answers so far (and they are related).

Very first genre novel- I believe it was The Rolling Stones by Robert A. Heinlein. Found that in the library when I was in middle school. Started me on a lifelong reading journey into sci-fi/fantasy genres, and a love of Heinlein.

Favorite character- Maureen Johnson from several of Heinlein’s books. She is my definition of a strong, intelligent woman. She lived her life on her own terms, despite living in a society that tended to frown on strong willful women. She did what she had to do, as well as what she wanted to do. She has always been one of my fictional heroes.

Wanna play? (Twitter hashtag: #30DaysofGenre)

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