Sunday, April 17, 2011

30 Days of Genre, Day 5- Character You Feel You are Most Like (or Wish You Were)

For me, this is really two questions. I think it might be for many others, also. Right or wrong, too often what we wish to be is not at all what we feel we are. That leaves me with the feeling I need to come up with two answers to this one.

The Character I Wish I Was- This one is fairly easy. There were a few choices I thought about and tossed aside. In the end, I think the answer here is Samwise Gamgee. I would like to be as honest and straighforward as Samwise, loyal to the end. He made a promise and he was not going to break it, no matter what. Sure, he had some illusions shattered along the way, but which of us doesn't? What mattered is that Samwise never let those things destroy his basic outlook, or his determination to help Frodo in any way he could. He wasn't immune to temptation. He felt the Ring's influence like anyone else. But he was also able to admit that to himself and others, and knowing that helped him to see more clearly, not less. In the end, if I could have Samwise Gamgee's simple, honest outlook and love of life and all it can give, that would be a good thing I think. We may not know where we are going every step of the way, or even if we will survive the journey, but one thing we do know: if we don't stick together, we most certainly will not make it. And that's the way it is, Mr. Frodo.

The Character I Am Most Like- A much harder question, this one. I don't have a good answer. Again, I thought of and decided against many options. None of them quite fit well enough to say that I am like that person.

So I think I am going to leave this on with the "I wish I was" answer. If you know who I am like, please feel free to let me know! (Well, as long as it's not, say, Sauran or someone like that!)

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