Friday, April 15, 2011

30 Day of Genre, Day 3- A Genre Novel That Is Underrated

 I would have to say Skirmish (or any of the Skyrider novels) by Melisa C. Michaels. They are not arm-breaking tomes, nor are they heavy, dark reading. They can be read in just a day or so. No, there are no deep meanings, subtle messages, commentary on the world or universe here. It's just plain fun space opera. And not campy space opera. Characters are real and engaging, the plots are well drawn and the writing quite readable. If you like to sit down with a lighter sf story now and again, or just like a nice, quick but enjoyable read, you should grab these if you can find them.

Just a side thought- these first three days topics have all generated sf responses from me, even though these days, I am more likely to be reading fantasy. Not that I don't enjoy a good sf story still, but I have definitely moved more toward the fantasy genre. But I started out in sf. Most of what I read in high school and for a long time after, was sf, so I guess it's not odd to find that genre popping up here. I'm sure these will not be the last sf related answers before the thirty days are done.

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