Friday, November 5, 2010

Just Updates

A few days late, but the latest is:
Day Two: 1038
Day Three: 2041
Day Four: 0
Total: 5122

Yeah, you read that right. Yesterday, I wrote squat. Nothing. Not one word. 
Do I have an excuse? Well, yes.  My husband has been in the hospital with a bad cellulitis infection in his leg.  I've been running back and forth, visiting him, plus trying to make sure the dog, cats, chickens and fish are getting at least the basic care they need, and trying not to exhaust myself in the meantime.  The house?  A complete disaster.  Many would say that's a pretty good excuse, but is it?  Sure, I'm tired, but I could have squeezed a few more words out, I'm sure.  And nothing at all yesterday?  No excuse for that.  Just didn't feel like it, but if I'm going to take this seriously, then "didn't feel like it" is not an acceptable excuse.  It's just not. 

But then again, I needed that time off, because there was just nothing there to write.  No inspiration, no forward motion, no words.  And I have an idea why that is, but that's for another day's blog.

For now, I get back to it.  And with a little luck, I can catch up a bit.  I write, or is that eyewryte?

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