Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The End Is In Sight

Sunday: 3,692 written
Monday: 3,030 written
Tuesday: 2,032 written
Total: 40,484

Seven days to go for this year's NaNoWriMo.  I have 9,516 words left to hit 50,000.  Well, I'm going to say six days, because I think I will most likely be taking tomorrow off.  Family coming and all that.  Even so, it leaves me with a minimum of under the 1,667 words/day, and I'll make it.  So, if I can get my own goal of 2,000 a day, I'll get there.  Phew!  I was really unsure for a while about actually finishing this year, but I think it's going to work.

Now, remember that "dog" of a story I started with?  And then abandoned because I couldn't figure out where it was going?  Darned if the thing didn't pop into my head on Monday with something that I think is going to work.  So back into that we go.  And yesterday, a new character walked up to the three main folk out of nowhere- almost literally, as they were out in the desert at the time!  A nice British fellow, no less.  It looks like at least he knows what's going on.  Now, as long as he keeps telling me....

Which is today's point, I think.  As much as I am one who likes to have a good idea what a story is about, and usually do a plot summary and at least partial outline, I know you always have to be ready to let the story take its own direction sometimes.  Good ideas come from all sorts of places, and there are times when the really good idea doesn't show itself until you actually start writng.  If the story really wants to go in a different direction, there really isn't much harm in letting it.  (Unless you are under a really tight deadline and can't afford to meander, or you are writing or re-writing with specific goals.  Like an editor's revisions for a sale, perhaps.)  You can always go back to the original idea if the new one doesn't work out.  I usually find that if the story is telling itself, that's what you should trust.  Because if you force it to fit your mold, it's going to seem just that- forced.  Give yourself- and your story- some space to breathe.  You might just be surprised!

Write. Now.

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