Tuesday, October 27, 2009

The Thing About Titles

I mentioned something about titles a day or so ago. The thing is, I've never been able to actually start writing a story until I have a title for it. At least some sort of working title. And I mean I really cannot put down a word, no matter how well formed the plot idea may be. It's weird. So there have been times when a perfectly good idea just sits there because I'm stymied on a title. I can't just put anything at the top of the page, either. No "This is the Title" or "Googly-goo Nonsense". It's gotta be concrete and relative to the story. Not that the titles always stay. There are times when the story mutates from the original idea, and so the title must also. But I always have to start with something. So, this year's NaNovel?

"Bridge Cat"

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