Monday, February 11, 2013

Snow, Snow, and Even More Snow

We got some snow this week. It started on Friday, and finished up Saturday afternoon. All told, it looks like we got about 2 feet or so, with drifts a bit higher in spots. It's also windy, so the stuff is blowing all over. We did not lose power at all this storm. A good thing. I slept in on Saturday morning. Hey, what else did I have to do? Shovel snow? No hurry on that. I did go out and shovel a quick path so that Murphy could go out and do his thing more easily. Time was, he'd have just plowed through whatever was out there, but with his legs not doing well, it's easier on him if there's some cleared area. Of course, I took him out later while I was shoveling the rest of the walk, and he refused to even leave the deck! Here he is, stylin' in the fleece coat I made for him out of an old vest I rarely wore:

I do have a peeve with the weather folks. Why is everything Stormageddon or Snowpocalypse these days? Do we need all that extra drama? I understand: big storm, folks should prepare, and all that. But it's not like this has never happened before. Yes, we don't get this much all the time, but really, we don't need the over-dramatization. There are some really good words we already have for stuff like this: storm and blizzard come to mind. And they can even be modified by words like severe, threatening, huge, or even dangerous. No need to make it sound like something out of a comic book. Just my opinion.

Here are a few pictures I took on Saturday morning when we went out to clear the walk and driveway:

The garden is under there somewhere!

The front porch. It's sort of buried.

Me, knee deep in snow on the way to the chicken coop. The chickens did not even try to come out of the coop today. They are not fond of walking around in snow.

The front yard.
Yeah, we got a little snow. There was a driving ban in Massachusetts starting Friday at 4PM. It was partially lifted on Saturday afternoon, and fully lifted early Saturday evening. But it stranded poor Stephanie in Leominster. She decided (wisely) to stay at a hotel there on Friday night since she has an hour drive to get back here in good weather, and it was not going to be anywhere near good. And not knowing when the ban would be lifted, or if her store was going to open, she decided to stay Saturday night, as well. Inconvenient, but it does let the crews get out and clear roads to get things back to normal as quickly as possible. Of course, New Hampshire, being the Live Free or Die state, did not have an actual ban with fines and/or jail time as a consequence like MA. It was just advised for folk to stay off the roads. We'll be back to normal tomorrow, for sure. 

So, just hanging out here at home, doing some research, and some writing, and just enjoying a little winter wonderland. Have you dug out yet?

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