Monday, February 4, 2013

How Are Things in Your Corner of the Universe?

Around here, things are... weird. It's February, typically one of my least favorite months of the year. February is gray and gloomy. Everyone is sick of winter, and spring seems so far off. We just had two days of 50 degree temperatures, and now it is back to more typical winter cold. The whole world feels confused and a bit disoriented. We had a whole boatload of snow, and it is all gone now. I am sure we will get more before winter is fully gone.

I did get to go to dinner with some former co-workers last week. I do so enjoy those little get-togethers, and must thank the person who always sets them up and pushes us to come. It is a good time. For all the problems, I worked with some really nice people, and we always have a good time. Lots of laughing and catching up. We will probably do it again in six months or so.

We also found out that we are going to be grandparents again! Krysta and Kleber are going to have another baby. Their first, Will, is four now. She is due in early October. They kind of want a girl this time, I think, but Will says he wants a brother and a sister! Mom says "NO!"  Not that I blame her. Just so long as the baby is not born while we are in CA at Worlds!

Update on the 23 in 2013 Challenge Update:

I finished the first draft on the short story, and now am planning an edit run through it this week, to get it out to readers by the end of the week. It needs finishing by the end of the month if it is to go where I intend it to. And the short short one was posted here. So on to February. One thing will be a very short bit (probably just a scene) for an idea that I am starting to flesh out. The other will either be to finish a partly done short story or work on the novella again. But since I did get two things done in January, that puts me right on schedule, right? How is everyone else doing?

As far as this challenge goes, I am going to have to make myself a schedule of some sort. There are things I should be doing that I know will not be finished in the confines of the challenge, but I don't want to just let them slide, either. I think I will start printing out calendars, and setting up what I want to work on each day. A little OCD? Maybe. Of course, I've never been a "pantser." I work best from a plan, so a plan it will be.


John Anealio said...

I totally understand Mary. I have to work at the same time each day, every day in order to get my composing time in. Do what you have to do. You owe it to yourself.

Mary Alice Kropp said...

If I don't schedule, I sit down and either jump from one thing to the next, getting little done on anything, or I get so trapped in thinking about what I should do, that I do nothing. My brain needs to be completely organized, or it seizes up! :)