Friday, February 1, 2013

Review: Croaked: Tales of the Firefly Witch by Alex Bledsoe

Croaked (Witch Tales #2)Croaked by Alex Bledsoe

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

The first book I read by this author was the first Eddie LaCrosse novel, which I enjoyed very much. When I saw these collections of short stories by him, I decided to give them a read, also.

The Firefly Witch stories are not the same noir, hard-boiled, detective stories as Eddie's adventures, but they are quite a fun read themselves. Dr. Tanna Tully is a professor, and blind, and a practicing Witch. When fireflies are around, she can see. Ry, her husband, is a newspaperman. Together, they solve paranormal mysteries.

There are four stories in the collection, and each is just as much fun as the next. They are light and quick to read, with engaging characters, and interesting plots. One has frogs going missing from our world in large numbers, and another involves a missing teenager on a devilish amusement park ride. There's the mysterious package that may or may not contain a dangerous mythological beast, and a redneck country star with his Daddy's haunted guitar. Tanna finds the paranormal aspect to each mystery, and sets about solving each with her own special abilities.

This is the second in the Firefly Witch series, but I don't think you have to read the first to enjoy the stories. Sure, there is some backstory to fill in from the first, but the individual stories stand on their own as complete tales. I plan on reading the rest of Tanna and Ry's stories.

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Rick Watson said...

I recently got one of these books on Kindle and it's on my device as we speak but I haven't started yet. Your review was helpful.
How could I submit my book for your consideration? I could gift you a copy from Kindle if you would consider it.
It's a collection fo non-fiction short stories. These were taken from my best newspaper columns written over the past few years. They have been described as humorous, poignant, and uplifting.
Thanks for your consideration.
BTW, I'm your latest follower.

Mary Alice Kropp said...

I'd be happy to read your book. It sounds interesting.
If you haven't read any of Mr. Bledsoe's Eddie LaCrosse novels, I recommend those, also. Especially if you like noir, hard-boiled detective stories- tho set in a Medieval fantasy world. Very fun.