Tuesday, May 1, 2012

A Day Late

Sorry. It was a long weekend and I decided to use Monday as a recovery day.

This past weekend was the New England Regional Chili Cook Off. This year it was a two day event. We did not cook this one, but we did help out in the judging area both days. On Saturday, the BaldMan was a wrangler/table monitor, and I helped with scorekeeping. On Sunday, I was Head Scorekeeper and the BaldMan wrangled/monitored again. It doesn't sound like a lot, does it? Let me tell you, those were two full bore, exhausting days. It is amazing how much work you do in that judging area. All in all, it is a good tired, and I do enjoy doing it. At least until I stop and realize just how tired I actually am!

We used the BaldMan's scorekeeping program this weekend as well. Saturday, we used it to score the Youth Division for under 18 year old cooks, and Sunday we used it to score all the preliminary tables as well as the Youth Division. It worked perfectly. A few things I noted and mentioned for refinement, and he does have to get the printing "prettied up," but as far as functionality, it was great. It's going to be timesaver at cook offs where it can be used. There are cook offs where electricity isn't available, so laptop battery life could be an issue, as well as printing, but where it is used, I think scorekeepers will find it very slick.

We drove home right after Sunday's cook off, as it is only about two hours to Somers, CT from here. And decided to just pick up a pizza when we got to Londonderry, so we didn't have to think about going out again. It was a good idea. We both turned in early on Sunday night.

In other news, my poor pond has been stripped of fish. We had a heron in the yard a few weeks ago, and I am pretty sure he got some of them. I thought he must have been back since then, because I haven't found any fish in there for a few days. Got the proof today. When I came back up the driveway after walking the dog, there he was in the yard again. I am sure he must have been disappointed that I have not restocked the sushi bar yet! I have no plans to until I can get some good floating cover plants in there. And I will put a plant pot on its side on the bottom for an extra hiding spot, as well. Dad-blamed bird! There is a huge pond not far from here- go fish there!

Nothing is getting done outside for now. It is raining now and the forecast has some rain for most of the week. We do need the rain, so it's okay with me.

Today will be spent catching up on the mountain of laundry I have, and grinding and packaging up more dog food.  I have to say that with all the recent recalls of dog food, I am really glad I got Murphy on a raw diet. At least I know where his food is coming from and exactly what is in it.

Looking forward to a somewhat normal week for once!

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