Monday, May 14, 2012

Another Traveling Weekend

This time to Milford, CT for the Platt Tech "Doc" Dowling Memorial cook off. This was the first cook off this season where the BaldMan competed. It was a little bit weird, setting up in only one booth. Since I'm not cooking this season, we don't need to put up the second canopy. I took charge of the People's Choice for the day. I also judged the salsa category, since the BaldMan has already won that one.

Here's a picture of me, serving our People's Choice:

And I got called into service in the judging area, also. The scorekeeper for the event was not feeling well, and they called the paramedics, who thought she should go to the ER to get checked out. Of course, her husband went with her. He was Chief Judge for the event and this happened just as we were judging the salsas. So when I finished with my ballot, he asked me if I would take over as Acting Chief Judge until he knew what was happening with his wife. Of course, I did. First time I've been a Chief Judge, but I've seen him, the BaldMan and others do it so many times, it wasn't a big deal, really. All I had to do was have a short refresher meeting with the chili verde judges to refresh them on what they were going to do, and oversee the judging process. We had two great helpers step in to do the scorekeeping part. Steve was back for the red chili judging. Audrey was fine, and was released from the hospital later that day. All was well!

At the end of the day, the BaldMan took third place in red. A good thing! The new verde recipe seems to be good, though it needs a bit of work on color. The less than good part is that his fancy new thermometer froze up and let his chili overcook some. And, of course, it happened while I was away from the booth and he was busy with People's Choice serving! It was a good day overall, and good to  be on the cook's side of the competition again.

The BaldMan with his trophy:

We went to a surprise 60th birthday party for one of the cooks afterward. It was fun- and there was far too much food! Very nice to be able to just sit and relax after a long day of cooking.

We are serving as Chief Judge and Scorekeeper at a cook off to benefit the Meriden, CT Humane Society in June and the organizer of that event came to Saturday's cook off to judge and pass out flyers for his event. He had his bull mastiff with him. What a sweet dog! 150 pounds of mellow, laid back cutie.

Speaking of dogs, mine is back on antibiotics and drops for his ear. Those nasty cankers are back, so back to the meds. He isn't happy about the drops. The pills I can just mush into a bit of his food and he doesn't even know he's getting them. But it's helping. The ear is better. I hope we can figure out how to keep them clear. Ear infections are no fun.

I need to get out into the garden this week. I have more lines for the drip irrigation to run, and some planting to do. The seedlings are doing nicely, and I'll start hardening them off for planting soon.

Another week done, and another on the horizon. What are your plans?

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