Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekends Are For...

Working! Around the house, anyway. On Saturday, we did a bunch of outdoor work. I cleaned up  the front foundation bed on one side, laid out the drip irrigation hose in a more reasonable pattern, and got it ready for some shrubs and plants to be added. This is only on  one side of the front. The other side is still in need of major work, but at least it looks neater. Then I went into the veggie garden, pulled up all the torn landscape fabric, laid out new fabric on the pathways, and raked and cleaned out the inground beds so that I can till them up. It looks much neater and ready for the new season now. I do need to get it tilled, though, because next weekend, we are most likely going to be laying the drip irrigation lines in there.

The BaldMan did the yearly maintenance on the tractor and took the snowblower off. I helped him get the mower attached onto it, and he mowed the front lawn, which was starting to look a bit ragged, even without a lot of rain.

We managed to get a rain barrel free from someone the BaldMan knows. We'll put gutters on the chicken coop/shed and collect the water there. Assuming, that is, we get any sort of significant rain. So far, this has been a weird  weather year.

Both of those projects took most of the afternoon and we were tired! But it's a good tired. We had a nice, relaxing dinner and just chilled for the evening.

Sunday, we were both a but sore, so we took things a bit easy. Did a few errands, some shopping at a local farm store where we got some venison stew meat, and a couple other things.

Other than that, it was a quiet weekend. How was yours?

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