Monday, April 2, 2012

There and Back Again- Quickly

We got home just a few hours ago from a quick overnight trip to Bennington, VT. We met the BaldMan's parents and his sister and her husband (all coming from NY) for his Dad's 80th birthday dinner. Kryss, Kleber and Will came up also. Everyone except Kryss and family stayed overnight. It was a good time. We ate at the Madison Brewing Company () right in Bennington. And those who stayed over, stayed at the same motel where they put us in adjoining rooms. That was nice, as we could easily get everyone together to visit both before and after dinner. Both food and beer were good. They serve basic pub food. Several people had Shepherd's Pie, and a few had the sausage sampler plate. I had bangers and mash, because it's just not something you see around here very often. It was good, though I thought the "garlic" mashed potatoes lacked a bit in the garlic. Not that they weren't good, but I didn't get a lot of garlic flavor. The beer they brew is also pretty good. Everyone seemed to have a good time.

We took the scenic route home- drove down to Route 2 in MA and came across the Mohawk Trail. We haven't driven that way in a while. It's really pretty through the Berkshires. It was a nice little trip, but, as always, good to be home.

The weather got decidedly cold last week! What a change after the gorgeous warmth we'd had before. It did set the garden back a bit, though. The big orchards around here have been running fans at night to try and keep the air warmer around the trees and hoping that there isn't a lot of frost kill on the budding trees. And the warm weather before this cut the maple sugar season a bit short. Ski season is well over, also. And the rivers and creeks are way down right now, since there wasn't a lot of snow melt to feed them. We are getting a bit of rain today, but we are going to need a lot to make up or we are going to have drought issues later in the year, I fear. I think this was probably the good year to decide to put in drip irrigation for the garden, since that will help keep it watered and still be conservative with water.

Easter dinner next weekend is going to be a smaller one than usual. Easter is Krysta's birthday and since she is a big Boston Celtics fan, she got tickets for Sunday's game as a gift. So they will not be here. But Will and Nikki will be, as we are grandson and dog sitting while Kryss and Kleber go to the game. We'll have a good time, I'm sure. Of course, Auntie Steph may not be aware that she is sharing her bed with a four year old on Sunday night! Ah, well, sleepovers are fun, right?

The weather is supposed to improve this week. Although I did see "snow showers" for tomorrow, even though the high temp is supposed to be 51. I don't think we are going to get much snow! But then we are forecast for sun and warmer temps, so I may get some tilling done in the garden.

That's the plan, anyway. We'll see how it works out.

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