Monday, April 23, 2012

Road Trips and Other Adventures

I got the garden tilled this week. It took two days, but only because I forgot that the small upper section next to one of the raised beds needed tilling, also. And I had taken the tiller out of the garden and cleaned it before I realized it. Not really a problem, since the tiller is small and easy to carry, so I just went out later in the week and finished it up.

On Friday, the BaldMan took a day off and we went bike shopping. We decided we wanted recumbent tricycles. We were looking for the TerraTrike Rover, because they looked like a nice, comfortable alternative to a regular bicycle. The BaldMan wants to (eventually) start riding his in to work at least some of the time. Our first  stop was in CT, but the shop there had only one. At least we did get to try it out and decide that we did want these. So we got that one, and headed off to RI to another bike shop. We called them and they did have one there and said they would hold it for us. They were really nice. This one was going to be my bike and they spent a lot of time getting the boom adjusted  to the right length for me. Well, it actually turns out it probably could have been done a bit easier than all they went through, but they did put in the time and that was nice. The BaldMan had picked up a helmet and some accessories in CT, but we realized that for mine, we should  wait until we got back to NH to save the sales tax. Duh!  We stopped at Target and got me a helmet, lights, and water bottle holders for both bikes. Then we came home, and took them for a maiden voyage around the neighborhood. They really are fun to ride, and comfortable, also! No hard, butt-bruising bike seats! LOL

Saturday morning, we installed the drip irrigation lines in  the garden. It works nicely, and is going to be better, I think, overall. It will waste less water than a sprinkler, and allow the water to seep into the ground better. We may have to run more lines in some of the beds, but we have plenty of drip tape to do that. Just need to order more connectors. The BaldMan came up with a plan that puts valves in the tubing at strategic points so that I can turn  off the sections  that have nothing  currently planted. Again, less water wasted. It wasn't even  all  that expensive- about $100 for our  just a bit over 200 square  foot garden. The Drip Store. Now I just have to get the landscape fabric laid over the beds and we are ready to grow!

I have the tomatoes, peppers and a few other plants started on the stand in the kitchen. The asparagus I  planted last year is sprouting outside. Not enough to harvest this year, but I knew that was likely. It seems to be growing well.

After we finished in the garden, we went over to Derry and rode part of the Derry-Windham Rail Trail with the bikes. It's a nice ride- very pretty. The whole thing is about 7 miles; we did about 2 1/2, which was enough for the second day of biking!

After that, we went up to Manchester to Newberry Comics for Record Store Day. This year's deal was buy  one used CD, get a second for a dollar with a 5 disc limit. Usually, I have a hard time finding  stuff I want, but not this year. I had my 10 discs in no time. The BaldMan had more trouble this time.  I picked up some Elton John, Billy Joel, Bob Seeger, Foreigner, David  Bowie, Sarah McLachlan, and Josh Groban. And we got two DVD sets of Star Wars Episodes IV, V, and VI, one widescreen (for us) and one fullscreen (for grandson Will, who loves Star Wars). They only had one widescreen set, and we figured Will wouldn't really care. Finished the night with a nice, relaxing  dinner at Unwined.

Today is rainy. Which is fine, because it means a nice, quiet day indoors. The yard really needs the rain, also. It's been dry so far this Spring. We're supposed to get a few days of rain, so that should help. Of course, that means no bike riding for a few days, so I  guess it's back on the elliptical for now.

Wow, it's been a busy week! I think it will be good to have a few rainy days

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