Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Wednesday Wanderings: Out and About on the Internets

     I'm going to try to get out a post once a week with some links I've stumbled across during the previous week. They will be things that interested me. All are things that I found amusing, informative, weird, fun, thought-provoking, profound. (Don't expect too much of that last one. I lean more toward the amusing or weird.)

     So, here's this week's list:

     First, a link to an article on hacker attacks on WordPress sites that some fear could spawn a super botnet:
WordPress Attacks

     Second, four simple things to add to your daily routine for a healthier life:
Four Things to Add to Your Day

     Third, seven tips to boost your productivity:
7 Productivity Tips
Some of these I already do (most of the time), and others I thought were interesting and maybe worth a try.

     This last one is personal. Chronicle, a program on one of the local Boston TV channels, did s segment on Concord, MA. One of the places highlighted is the Nashoba Brook Bakery, which not only makes awesome bread, but our youngest daughter is the cafe manager there. The NBB segment starts at about the  2 minute mark, and she is on camera twice briefly. She is the one at the cash register in the burgundy shirt. The beginning of the segment may be of interest to some, also, because it highlights The Concord Bookshop, a nice little independent bookstore that promotes local authors, both living and dead:
Concord MA on Chronicle

     Those are a few of the the things I saw this week that I found interesting. Did you find anything fun or informative out there?

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