Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Wednesday Wandering: From Around the Internets

Here are a few of the things I found interesting this week:

We all face making apologies at one time or another. Here's a post from John Scalzi on his Whatever blog that gives a good template for doing it right:

And this one is Neil Gaiman's keynote address at the London Book Fair. It's a bit long (30 minutes), but worth listening to. Some interesting ideas on art and creativity. I especially liked the idea that we all should become dandelions, and spread our creativity as much as possible, in as many ways as possible, and allow ourselves to be surprised and delighted by what takes root:
Neil Gaiman at the London Book Fair

There were a lot of jokes and trying to be funny bits floating around after the Boston Marathon bombings. Many of them got the whole point of the humor that should come out of something like this very wrong. This short clip is Stephen Colbert, who got it very right:
Colbert on the Marathon bombing

The last two are cute and amusing. This first one is a girl who has trained her cat to run an agility course and do a few other tricks. It's pretty cool to see what you can do with a cat, an animal a lot of people consider not trainable. The girl has obviously put in a lot of time with her kitty, and found a really good treat reward.
Kitty Does Agility

And the last one is for my Dr. Who fan friends. David Tennant, Dr. #10, had a birthday recently, and this was posted for that occasion. One of the things we love about Tennant is the faces, all those wonderful facial expressions he could make. This is a collage of many of them, from Dr. Who and others. At the end is a short video collection of every time the Tenth Doctor said, "Allons-y!" You Who fans out there will understsnd.
David Tennant Faces

That's the internet for this week. Enjoy!

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