Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Grandfather Clock

     My parents have had a grandfather clock in their house for many years. I have always liked grandfather clocks. There is something about them- beautiful, stately, musical- that speaks to me. My Dad bought it as a gift for their 33rd Anniversary, in 1987. There is a brass plaque on the front with their names, 33rd Anniversary, and the date: June 19, 1987. The pendulum is engraved with an M for McCormack. It seems I said I liked it, and would love to own it eventually. From that time on, Dad always referred to it as "my" clock.

     Mom is moving to a smaller apartment on April 1. She will be living in a senior apartment building, where she will feel more secure than being alone in the apartment she is in now. We drove to PA last week to pick up the clock. We brought it here to NH in the back of the van, all wrapped up in blankets. The weights and pendulum were wrapped in bubble wrap.

     Mom said that it wasn't running well lately, and we thought perhaps it needed oiling, and maybe needing a good cleaning. We decided to see what happened, and, if necessary, call the clock shop in town to get it serviced. We got it into the house (with only minor problems. Like the 12 pack of beer I knocked off the counter on the way through the kitchen. Oops.), and put it in place in the dining room. Got the weights and pendulum hung, and set and wound it. It ran for a while, then stopped. Started it again. It stopped after a while again. So the BaldMan did a few adjustments, and it has been running nicely ever since. It was a bit slow, but that's fixable. The strike was an hour ahead, but that's been adjusted, also. It seems a bit quiet, which is not necessarily bad, although I do wish it were just a bit louder.

     It has a "secret" compartment in the bottom, and there is a scroll, hand lettered with Mom and Dad's name, address, and the date, that is supposed to go in there. I will put our names on it, as well as fill out some of the other paperwork that wasn't when it was bought.

    So, Dad, I have "my" clock now. I see it and hear it everyday, and it makes me happy.

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