Monday, August 20, 2012

Rolling Along

I almost can't believe it is the middle of August already. Where did the summer go? And it was another weird one, wasn't it? If it wasn't hot and humid, it was raining cats and dogs and frogs and lizards, with a nice bit of thunder and lightning tossed in for good measure.

The weather has been so wacky, we haven't gotten out on the bikes much lately. We did get a ride in on Friday,  Saturday, and yesterday. I hope it stays good for a while so we can get more in.

We've had Krysta's chihuahua/toy fox terror mix, plus their two finches here for the last few days. Kryss, Kleber, and Will are in the UK, visiting his brother and family. Murphy is not too thrilled with Nikki- I think he can't figure out why he wants to run and jump and be annoying all the time. We just have to convince Nikki that the cats really, really do not want to play, and when they run away and hiss, that is not a "Chase me!" invitation. He does listen quite well, knows "leave it," and is getting better. A little. And the cats need to learn that the finches are not mobile kitty treats. Never a dull moment.

Speaking of my Old Dog, he's been worrisome again. He doesn't want to come in the house at all lately. Probably some of it is Nikki, but he was getting more that way before Nikki came, so I don't know. He still doesn't eat well and he's had- ummm- digestive issues, also. But he still walks about a mile early in the day with me, and then down the street and around the cul-de-sac later. The joys of Old Dogs, I guess.

We are off to Wells, ME on Friday for the ME State Cook off. Not cooking this one. We are running the judging area. Wells is such a nice town. We are planning a potluck supper at the hotel we and several other cooks are staying at for Saturday after the cook off. It should be fun. Last year, we sat around for a while after the cook off, but then people all took off to find food. So we figured this year, we'd see if people just want to bring food along and we can relax all evening. There's a pool and nice hot tub there that sure feels good after a long day at a chili cook off! We're home again on Sunday. Then there's CT State in New Haven in September. We head to Charleston, WV in early October for the Worlds Championship. It's a long drive, but we did it a few years ago, and will take two days heading down and two coming back. After that is the first qualifying cook off for our area the weekend after Worlds, in Kingston, NY. That will be the return of Rock'N'Roll Chili, since I plan on competing next year again.

End of summer will be busy, but that's not necessarily a bad thing, is it?

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