Monday, March 19, 2012

This Weekend in Pictures

Saturday was supposed to be warm and sunny. So much for the weather man! It was damp and gloomy, much like the previous two days. A bit warmer, but still not the day it was supposed to be. We were planning on working on repairing the chicken pen, but it seems tomorrow will be a better day, so we decided to hold off. I hope it is, for more than one reason.

If you read earlier posts, you know I planted some Spring greens a week ago. And, of course, the weather got chilly immediately. Now, those plants can take cooler temps, but like all seeds, do like some warmth for sprouting. I see some arugula starting, and a few lettuces. I hope the weather improves, since I added more this week. I also got the nicer cover for the beds, so that should help more than the thin plastic that was up there. Here is the bed as it is now:

The rest of the garden is still a bit of a mess. I'm working on it slowly. Oh, and here's a shot of most of the chickens. They all rushed to the fence when I came out, to see if I brought any treats. I didn't. My bad!

We are having our homemade corned beef dinner tomorrow, when Kryss, Kleber and Will can come. But I made cranberry and golden raisin scones on Sunday, so there was some Irish in our St. Paddy's day!

Not too bad, eh?
That was my weekend. What was yours like?

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