Monday, February 27, 2012

Weather - Or Not

I was planning on starting the outdoor Spring greens this week, but that may get put on hold for another week. We are supposed to get snow later in the week. I know that won't really affect the seeds too much, but I was going to put up the temporary, experimental hoop house plastic as well. And since what I've got isn't all that heavy, I'm not sure I want to see snow dumped on it. I decided to use the lightweight stuff since it was free, and this is an experiment to see if it helps things grow better in the early part of Spring up here. If it works, I plan on getting better stuff for future use. Will have to keep an eye on the forecast and see what they are talking about as far as accumulation goes.

It may get put off anyway, if the weather seems to be uncooperative, since we are not going to be home this weekend. We are going to North Conway, NH for the Chilly Chili Stroll. We are not competing at this one. This will be the second year for an ICS sanctioned cook off there, and the BaldMan and I are Chief Judge and Scorekeeper once again. It's a fun event. The village of North Conway does the Chili Stroll every year. They have several tasting areas along the main street in town, and people buy "passports" that allow them to taste whatever is being offered at each stop. They have local restaurants and businesses that offer chili, cornbread, wine, and other stuff to taste, plus our competition cooks will have their People's Choice, also. It gets people out to explore a little of North Conway, which is a pretty town with a lot of little shops and boutique type stores. We are in the Mount Washington Observatory Weather Discovery Center parking lot, which is right across the street from the main ticket selling area for the event. Should be a lot better than last year, when we were in the parking lot of a restaurant off the main street and not easily seen from the street where most of the other activity is. We are looking forward to a fun day with our chili friends. Come on up, if you are around!

This run of colder weather we've been having has not been good for my poor old dog, either. He's been having more trouble with his legs. At least, I hope it's partly weather related. He does have some neurological problems, as well as the arthritis. I know the neurological stuff isn't going to be so much weather affected, and it could be that getting worse. He just has more trouble coming back up the stairs into the house. It takes a few steps for him to get going when we're out. The right hind leg is turning more when he walks, and there are times it just goes out from under him and he can't get back standing solidly again for a bit. I feel sorry for him because he's such a good boy, and he wants to go out and walk, but I've been taking it a bit easy on him.

Other than all that, things are quiet. The BaldMan seems to be recovering well from the knee surgery. The days are getting longer again, and it is light out much later in the evening, so I guess the wheel continues to turn. That is a good thing, yes?

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