Monday, July 25, 2011

Shift Happens: The New E-Publishing Paradigm and What It Means for Writers by Rick Cook

SHIFT HAPPENS: The New E-Publishing Paradigm And What It Means For AuthorsSHIFT HAPPENS: The New E-Publishing Paradigm And What It Means For Authors by Rick Cook

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This is a great little book, for a few reasons. One, it's short, and can be read in one sitting easily. Two, it's clear. There's no technical jargon or difficult to understand processes. And three, it's honest. It tells you that it is possible, but it's also going to require effort on your part.

What it is not is some sort of get rich quick nonsense. It's not full of special insider info or secrets. It is a straigtforward guide to what is happening in the world of publishing today, and how, with just a little information and the willingness to devote time to doing some basic marketing, a writer can use the world of e-publishing to sell books. It is also written from the perspective of a writer, and not that of a large scale publishing house. There is practical advice here from a common sense approach.

I think this is a valuable book for anyone who writes and who wants to try and figure out this new world of e-publishing. The writing is clear, the advice is sound and the information is presented in an easily understandable way. It will be a book you refer back to more than once.

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