Tuesday, May 3, 2011

30 Day of Genre, Day 17- Favorite Antagonist

Yes, I'm way behind! Was out of town for 5 very busy days, and although I had the computer with me, it was out of its case only on the last night we were there and I was so tired, I just wanted to browse mindless stuff. So there will be a flurry of posts-

My favorite antagonist is from an older sci-fi novel by Elizabeth A. Lynn called Sardonyx Net. It was one of only two (I believe) sci-fi books she wrote. It is a story set in a world of slaves and drugs, smuggling and corruption, with very overt sexual overtones. The character that won't leave my mind, these many years after reading the book, is Zed Yago. He's cruel, has some rather disturbing sexual preferences and has a deeply sadistic side. But there are undercurrents and deeply buried motivations there, too. I can't actually say I liked Zed, but he still haunts my memory, so I guess that makes him a favorite of sorts.

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