Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Well, That Didn't Work

My plan to get the draft of the WIP out to readers last week. I started gathering it together to send, and discovered on reading parts that there is a lot I have to fill in before it would make sense to read. And if it doesn't make sense, then I doubt anyone can crit it well. *sigh*

And the ending that I know needs re-writing? Might be a good idea if I actually wrote it first. It's partly written, but not at all finished. *double sigh*

I guess I shouldn't be surprised. This thing was started 2 years ago, and there has been a long break of not really working on it since, so forgetting a lot of details is to be expected. Just frustrating.

On the up side, I did get a lot of good work done on it last week and over the weekend, so I believe I will be able to send off the first 5 chapters. That's a start. So, back to work.

Write. Now.

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